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Small Business Information for Smarter Growth

Small Business Data from BQ and BAI to Help You Make Better Decisions

BAI and BrightQuery (BQ) have formed a strategic alliance to provide the data and analytics you need so you have the clarity and confidence to make smart, strategic decisions for your organization and the businesses that you serve.

With combined subject matter expertise and data, BAI and BQ provide a unique and proprietary approach to understanding the enormous changes happening across business sectors in today’s rapidly changing environment.

We can help you answer these and other questions:

  • What industries are growing the fastest in my local markets?
  • What small business industries are adding headcount the fastest?
  • What types of startups, founded in the past two years are growing the fastest?
  • How can I discover the fastest growing small business segments in my local market and get their company contacts to market to?
  • How can I understand my current small business portfolio better by matching to verified government data with financials, headcount, and growth trends?

Small Business Reporting That Gets You Ahead

BQ-BAI Small Business Report

This interactive dashboard allows you to build a profile of companies with up-to-date financial and employment insights on all public and private companies. This will give you the ability to analyze, assess, and implement strategies for your business banking portfolio more efficiently and effectively.

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BQ-BAI Business Data Feed

Clean and enrich your data to understand more about your client’s and prospect’s industry, size, and financials from official government sources.

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