Bank Benchmarking for Taking Action and Moving Forward

Bank benchmarking to help you better understand your business

When even small strategic changes can make a significant impact, access to reliable, vetted bank benchmarking information can help you plan for tomorrow while performing better today.

In today’s competitive landscape the only way to measure your performance is by comparing it against your competition’s. BAI
bank benchmarking delivers deep, broad and flexible data, segmented according to your organization’s unique structure and definitions.

We can help you answer these and other questions:

  • In which digital products are my competitors excelling?
  • What are the biggest consumer banking trends?
  • What are the biggest business banking opportunities?
  • How are my marketing and sales strategies performing?
  • How are my diversity and inclusion initiatives performing compared to my peers?
  • Is my employee turnover higher than my industry peers?
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By benchmarking your banking organization against other financial organizations like yours, you can make the right decisions with confidence.


In-depth Data Analysis

We collect data from more than
40,000 bank branches, and over $9
trillion in consumer and business


Unbiased Perspectives

We provide unbiased insight into your
performance. As a nonprofit,
independent organization, we have no
hidden agenda.

Industry Expertise

We’ve delivered actionable
benchmarking data and insights for two
decades, enabling leaders to make smart
business decisions every day.

Explore our Bank Benchmarking Programs

Consumer Banking

Assess consumer deposit performance, forecast improvements, capitalize on market opportunities, and evaluate strategy.

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Business Banking

Obtain vital, objective reporting and analysis to answer key questions related to your business banking performance and future strategy.

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Digital Banking

Gain unique insight into your digital performance and evaluate how your digital acquisition, on-boarding, and adoption metrics compare to your peers.

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Talent Management

Evaluate your talent strategy including diversity and inclusion initiatives, high performer retention, and turnover metrics.

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BAI Banking Outlook

Join us for quick, in-depth looks into the latest trends, the biggest opportunities and the next steps you need to take. The BAI Banking Outlook program conducts industry research on a variety of topics to make sure you’re prepared for the changes ahead.

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