Business Banking Strategy and Trends

BAI Business Benchmarking

As a participant in the BAI Business Benchmarking program, you’ll get vital, objective reporting and analysis to help you answer key questions related to your business performance and future strategy. The program provides you with actionable insights related to: assessing performance, forecasting improvements, discovering growth opportunities, and evaluating progress and effectiveness of strategies.

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Learn from granular analysis with data collected at the actual account-level

Business Banking Metrics

Get metrics for new business acquisition rates, cross-sell and product penetration, account growth and retention, and portfolio performance

Business Banking Insights

Glean critical insights from measurement of more than 16 million business accounts, and over $2 trillion in combined product balances each year

Business Banking Analytics

Benefit from exclusive access to additional analysis covering branch, segment and market level performance which are available to participants for an additional fee

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BAI Business Lending Pulse

BAI Business Lending Pulse is a powerful tool to help financial services leaders take a precise look at your business loan portfolio, relative to your industry peers.

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BAI Business Executive Dashboard

The BAI Business Executive Dashboard offers senior financial services leaders an overview of key metrics each month, providing a complete picture of your business performance compared to your peers.

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BAI Business Pulse: Maximize the Benefits of Benchmarking

Forecast, plan, and budget with near real-time analysis of business deposit growth. Our weekly BAI Business Pulse reports are based on actual customer deposit data, and are available to participants in the BAI Business Benchmarking program. BAI Business Pulse helps you assess external factors on the market and determine the effectiveness of your strategic plans and marketing initiatives. With powerful insights, you can quickly see an impact and adjust your strategies as needed, based on your relative performance.

  • Get near real-time insights on industry trends, thanks to weekly updates
  • Compare your deposit flows to those of your peers to see if you’re keeping pace
  • Get a clearer understanding of customer behaviors and underlying causes
  • Gain additional insights into metric reports received through BAI Business Benchmarking
  • Understand your bank’s performance in the context of external factors, like economic indicators
  • Create strategies around the broad scope of information provided through BAI Business Benchmarking — and track success through the rapid feedback of Pulse
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BAI Market Level Analysis

The BAI Market Level Analysis helps you evaluate how your bank is performing in specific markets against local competitors.

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