Business Banking Benchmarking for Competing and Succeeding

Business Banking Analytics to Help you Make Better Business Banking Strategy Decisions

BAI’s comparative analytics for business measures data from millions of business customers in the US each year. Measurable information is collected from a consortium of participating banks and analyzed at the actual account-level.

As a participant in the BAI Business Benchmarking programs, you’ll get vital, objective reporting and analysis to help answer key questions related to your business performance and future strategy. Participants can better assess their organization’s performance, improve forecasting, discover growth opportunities, and evaluate progress and the effectiveness of strategies.

We can help you answer these and other questions:

  • How effective are my current business banking strategies?
  • How do our banking acquisition rates compare to our competition?
  • Where should we best dedicate our business banking resources?
  • What are the next business banking trends?
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Business banking analytics by BAI provides a vast array of deep and reliable research, helping you make smart and future-forward choices

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Business Banking Metrics

Receive reporting and analysis for new
business acquisition rates, cross-sell and
product penetration, account growth and

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Business Banking Insights

Glean critical insights from measurement
of more than 16 million business
accounts, and over $2 trillion in
combined product balances each year.

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Business Banking Analytics

Get exclusive access to additional analysis
covering branch, segment and market
level performance.

Deposit Programming That Gets You Ahead

In-depth analysis. Weekly, monthly and semi-annual reports. Sign up for the programs you need to get ahead

Business Pulse

Delivers weekly updates on peer performance to help organizations adapt to bank market trends.

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Business Executive Dashboard

Provides key business metrics every month so financial services leaders can gauge performance.

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Business Benchmarking

Get consistent, objective reporting and analysis on your business deposit performance and key business banking trends via robust semi-annual reports and presentations, so you can plan ahead.

Joining this powerful consortium unlocks additional reporting capabilities so you can gauge your performance by market and dig into data segmented by company size, industry, and more.

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Loan Programming That Gets You Ahead

In-depth analysis. Monthly reports. Sign up for the program you need to get ahead

Business Lending Pulse

This monthly report helps financial services leaders take a precise look at their business loan portfolio, relative to industry peers.

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