BAI Comparative Analytics

Comparative Analytics

Insights to help you take action

In the financial services industry, where even small strategic changes can have a significant impact on the bottom line, you need trusted information that can help you plan for tomorrow while performing better today.

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Your Business, in Context

One of the best ways to better understand your business is by benchmarking your performance against other banks.

The information we provide is deep, broad, and flexible, allowing you to segment the information according to your organization's unique structure and definitions. The data is also carefully aligned and normalized to provide accurate and objective comparisons.

Our team of industry experts helps you interpret and analyze the insights and its meaning across your organization, helping you use the information as a powerful decision making and problem solving tool.  

  • Consumer Banking

    Receive key metrics for more than 118 million consumer households. Twice-yearly reports allow you to analyze rich data to assist in long-range planning and objectives.

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  • Business Banking

    Obtain vital, objective reporting and analysis to help answer key questions related to your business banking performance and future strategy.

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  • Commercial Banking

    Make decisions with clarity and valuable insights based on performance benchmarking with peer organizations.

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Comparative Analytics

Advantages of Comparative Data

When you participate in BAI Comparative Analytics programs, you open up new opportunities to improve decision making and strategic planning. You can assess performance, forecast improvements, capitalize on market opportunities, and evaluate progress and effectiveness of existing strategies.

Talent Management Benchmarking

Insightful Metrics for Talent Management

Make the best, most insightful decisions for your organization's employees through diversity initiatives, retaining high performers, or understanding turnover. Learning more about your competition can help develop effective strategies to better manage your team.

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Investment Benchmarking

Leverage Your Investment Relationships

Get the best, most comprehensive data about your investment business and the clients you serve. Leverage tools from Investment Benchmarking to make informed, insightful decisions.

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