Comprehensive Data for Better Decisions

Investment Benchmarking, a Joint Service of BAI and IXI

Your business moves at the speed of information, so as a financial services leader, it's vital to have the best investment business data. Investment Benchmarking, a joint service of BAI and IXI, covers competitive intelligence, customer metrics, and trends that will give you the advantage to succeed.

Industry-Leading Analysis

All levels of your organization need quality information to make informed decisions. Investment Benchmarking leverages industry data so you know how key segments are operating. This information that comes from actual results gathered from real data gives you annual insights to help better understand your position in your market by segment.

Investment bankers

The industry experts from BAI and IXI combine to bring you a level of detail that is valuable, unique, and actionable. The advantages include:


Expert interpretation and analysis of research data to help your organization understand the business landscape


Insights of everyone from C-Suite executives to front line managers that help analyze competitive tactics and strategies


A wealth of trusted and secure data that can be leveraged to develop and retain investment customer relationships