Help Your Bank’s Marketing Team Get Efficient and Effective

BAI Marketing Benchmarking

BAI Marketing Benchmarking provides your bank or credit union with comparative analytics that will help you understand how your marketing budgets, organizational structure and acquisition costs compare to your competitors in the financial services industry while also helping you better understand your investments and effectiveness as you set and assess your strategic plans.

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As a BAI Marketing Benchmarking program participant, you’ll receive meaningful comparable metrics in several categories that are critical to your bank or credit union.


  • Overall spend calculations at your bank or credit union
  • Spends by channel, such as marketing through print, digital channels or television
  • Amount spent with agencies for produced content, creative and production
  • Marketing technology expense totals

Organizational Structure

  • Evaluation of whether a bank or credit union has a centralized, decentralized or matrixed marketing structure and how it compares to competitors
  • Comparison of a bank or credit union’s staffing levels, including turnover rates and time to hire

Efficiency & Effectiveness

  • Marketing acquisition costs at both a bank or credit union customer and product level
  • Marketing spend as a percentage of a bank or credit union’s assets or deposits
  • Marketing spend in comparison to overall revenue or income figures
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