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Retail Banking

Credible information your organization can act on

BAI Retail Deposit Benchmarking programs allow your organization to receive key metrics for more than 118 million consumer households, and $4.5 trillion in combined product balances.

BAI Reports

BAI Retail Deposit Benchmarking

Twice-yearly reports allow you to analyze rich data to help with long-range planning efforts and goal-setting.

You receive:

  • Analysis on actual account-level data
  • Reporting and analysis for the consumer segment
  • Ability to drill down into how your strategies are performing against your peers 
  • The opportunity to also participate in BAI Retail Deposit Pulse, for near real-time updates on retail deposit growth
  • Additional reports covering generational segments, branch performance, non-interest income, expenses, prepaid card, and home equity are available to BAI Retail Deposit Benchmarking participants for an additional fee

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BAI Retail Deposit Pulse:
Vital data. Actionable insights.

BAI Retail Deposit Pulse is the perfect complement to the BAI Retail Deposit Benchmarking program.

Weekly updates on peer performance help you quickly and efficiently analyze and adapt to market trends so you can work to improve your bank's performance in retail deposits and make confident business decisions.

The advantages of BAI Retail Deposit Pulse:

  • See what’s happening, in near real-time — so you can quickly assess the effects of your bank's consumer deposit initiatives
  • Measure performance quickly and consistently with data that has been carefully aligned and normalized to provide accurate and objective comparisons
  • Decide where your marketing and other resources should be dedicated, based on product performance and competitive opportunities
  • Set strategic goals for your organization and objectively measure success

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