Dear [Name],

I wanted to let you know about a resource that I feel could be a great benefit to you and our organization. As you may know, BAI is a nonprofit, independent organization that provides actionable insights to help financial services leaders make smarter business decisions.

Their Bank Benchmarking Programs are particularly valuable. They can help us better understand our business by benchmarking our performance against other financial organizations. Our department is already taking advantage of [program] but there are a wide variety of programming options you might find helpful in three core areas: Consumer Benchmarking, Business Benchmarking and Talent Management [program details provided below if useful to share with your colleague].

With those insights, you’ll be able to make informed decisions to enhance our digital portfolio, see where we stand in attracting and retaining accounts, improve product management, create forward-thinking branch strategies and DEI strategies, better decide how to allocate marketing spend, conduct competitive analysis and much more.

But with your involvement, BAI can benefit our industry even more. BAI’s deep collection of data is provided by a rich consortium of financial organizations and industry leaders. With more people participating in each program, BAI will be able to provide even greater analytical accuracy, and even more strategic insights.

To learn more, please contact [BAI Sales Person]@[BAI Sales Person Clickable Address]. I think you’ll be delighted to discover how valuable their benchmarking programs can be.


[Your Name]


BAI Benchmarking Program Descriptions

  • Consumer Benchmarking. BAI delivers key analytics from more than 130 million households to help financial services leaders make decisions for consumer banking products.
  • Business Benchmarking. BAI provides key insights from over 16 million business accounts to help financial services leaders gauge performance and form future strategy.
  • Talent Management. BAI provides actionable data that helps organizations make better decisions to increase employee productivity, develop DEI strategies and improve efficiency.