Research Team

The people behind the information

You need current, accurate industry information. The BAI team is highly skilled in gathering, synthesizing, and disseminating the data you need, allowing you to analyze it and use it to benefit your organization.

BAI knows the importance of the data you're receiving and the key decisions that are made with BAI insights. We work to ensure that the data you get is accurate, easy to understand, and actionable.

  • 250x250_Mark_Kowalczyk

    Mark Kowalczyk

    Managing Director, Business Development
    Mark joined BAI in 2014 and leads BAI sales, business development, and relationship management. Prior to joining BAI, he held a number of strategic leadership positions, including serving as Managing Director and National Sales Manager for the Corporate Executive Board (CEB).
  • 250x250_Hoscheidt

    Tom Hoscheidt

    Managing Director, Research
    Tom directs BAI's performance benchmarking business, helping to bring non-biased data to life so our customers can make well-informed decisions. With more than 30 years of financial services research and marketing experience, he's skilled in primary research, consulting, and benchmarking.  His leadership roles at Raddon Financial Group and Champion Federal, combined with his tenure at BAI have made a Tom a trusted resource for financial services leaders throughout the country.
  • 250x250_Dong

    Dong Bing

    Senior Developer and Data Analyst
    As a Senior Developer and Data Analyst, Dong helps BAI deliver accurate, timely information into the hands of our customers so they can make smart business decisions. Previously as an analyst with AT&T, Dong has experience with revenue and production metric reports, as well as automating and streamlining reporting processes.
  • 250x250_Mary

    Mary Deneen

    Project Manager
    As a project manager, Mary creates vital connections between BAI and its clients. She facilitates presentations and meetings, coordinates project deliverables, and plans advisory council activities. As a former account executive in the insurance industry, Mary joined BAI with 15 years of prior client relationship management experience.
  • 250x250_Mark_DiLeonarde

    Mark DiLeonarde

    Senior Developer
    Mark has spent his career developing research tools that deliver meaningful and timely insights so leaders can drive positive change. At BAI, Mark works to create trusted information so that our clients have the clarity and confidence they need to prepare for tomorrow, while performing better today. Whether at BAI, or in past positions at Open Solutions or Heidrick & Struggles, Mark has a passion for providing forward-thinking information to business leaders.
  • 250x250_Tom

    Tom Drogos

    Director, Research Relationship Management
    Tom manages client relationships, ensuring that we’re meeting each organization’s unique needs. Over the course of more than 25 years in the financial services industry, Tom has also held senior positions at leading research and advisory services firms including Raddon Financial Group.
  • 250x250_Mike

    Mike Gamauf

    Senior Manager, Research Relationship Management
    Mike works with clients, building relationships, prioritizing objectives, and ensuring organizations' needs are met. Prior to joining BAI, he spent more than 20 years serving in other client relationship roles with CCC, General Electric, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Grant Thornton LLP.
  • 250x250_Sandra

    Sandra Hoey

    Director, Software Development
    Sandra is responsible for benchmarking data infrastructure, ensuring our reports are timely, consistent, and accurate. She was previously a senior manager at Accenture, working on large-scale CRM database development. With more than 20 years of experience developing solutions for financial services leaders, Sandra brings a passion for delivering actionable insights to BAI clients.
  • 250x250_Mencias

    Jason Mencias

    Manager, Research and Content Delivery
    Jason is charged with presenting BAI benchmarking programs and analyzing research data for key industry insights that can benefit financial services organizations. Jason's career has focused on management positions in research, project management, and marketing at Healthcare Associates Credit Union, AdeptMedia, Vystar Credit Union, and Raddon Financial Group.
  • 250x250_Mark

    Mark Riddle

    Director, Research and Content Delivery
    Mark is an industry veteran who brings a wealth of expertise to BAI clients. He delivers industry insights and BAI benchmarking program updates to keep our clients informed on critical industry information and their relative performance in the market. Prior to joining BAI, he held consulting and sales positions with Open Solutions, Deluxe Corporation, and various Chicago-area banks for more than 20 years.
  • 250x250_Jatlin

    Jatin Samani

    Manager, Research
    Jatin produces insightful benchmarking studies, develops actionable industry reports, and provides direct service to BAI clients. His skills in research, product development, and marketing management were honed at several Chicago banks, and give him the ability to effectively find the data that is most beneficial to our customers. Jatin also previously held client services and research positions at Raddon Financial Group.
  • 250x250_Alicja

    Alicja Sikorski

    Developer and Data Analyst
    Alicja produces and develops BAI Pulse studies, which provide organizations with the insights they need to take action and move their businesses forward. Her previous experience includes working as a data analyst at MyPoints.