BAI Loan Review Certificate Program - Course I

March 27-29, 2019 | Chicago

Highly trained, vigilant loan professionals are essential to the integrity of an organization’s credit and loan portfolio and risk management. The BAI Loan Review Certificate Program provides the actionable insights necessary for you to enable smart decision-making when managing the quality, governance and risk-worthiness your organization’s credit and loan portfolios. The BAI Loan Review Certificate Program is a valuable educational opportunity for commercial loan review and lending personnel. This program is also an excellent professional enhancement for national and state banking regulators. Entry into BAI Loan Review Certificate Program, Course I requires fulfillment of any of the following criteria:

  • Minimum 2 years loan review experience
  • Regulatory experience
  • OR satisfactory completion of a credit analysis class

BAI Loan Review Certificate Program - Course I is an introductory course, giving attendees a comprehensive overview of loan review processes, trends and history. Attendees will delve into the characteristics of a sound loan portfolio to fully understand credit policy and loan administration as well as thoroughly understanding sources of repayment, cash flow and collateral.

The topics to be covered in covered in this course include:  

  • Define objectives and grading system
  • Selection process/determining scope
  • Business cash cycle and analyzing cash flow/SFAS 95/UCA cash flow
  • Evaluating collateral considerations
  • Establishing loan-to-value and real and personal properties
  • Regulatory guidelines and risk rating system criteria
  • Report writing and interpersonal skills for loan review

We have the most experienced instructors with expertise across multiple banking disciplines. 2019's course will be taught by Merrill J. Reynolds.

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An attendee may be able to bypass BAI Loan Review Certificate Program - Course I by taking a proficiency test which covers the topics above.

For more information on the proficiency test please contact BAI Customer Support Services at or 312-683-2464 (800-224-9889).