Powering a Strong Financial Services Industry

The BAI Mission & Vision: To give financial services leaders the confidence to make smart business decisions, every day. Because a strong financial services industry helps consumers, businesses and communities thrive.

A History of Seeing What’s Next

Since our founding in 1924, as a mission-driven non-profit organization, we’ve been helping financial services leaders prepare for what’s next.

Today we serve the industry in a number of ways, including:

  • Producing timely, relevant thought leadership
  • Developing new technologies to enhance training
  • Creating valuable business intelligence and comparative analytics tools
  • Engaging leaders from different areas of the bank to discuss common challenges and opportunities
  • Providing free, unbiased information, every day

From the crash of the stock market to the rise of FinTech, we’ve helped steer an industry through huge changes. And we’ll keep doing it for the next 100 years.

BAI and RMA have merged!

We are pleased to announce that the merger of BAI and RMA is complete. This is an exciting time for our members and customers and an impactful change for the financial services industry.

Powering Smart Decisions That Power Financial Services Organizations

As a trusted resource for the financial services industry, BAI provides products, services and connection opportunities to empower leaders to make smart business decisions and drive positive change.

What does this mean?

Empowering Employees

Compliance training and professional development courses that are efficient, effective and on-point. Give your people the latest industry-approved tools they need to improve performance, reduce operational risk and better serve your customers.

Improving Operations

Our benchmarking resources can provide you with helpful industry insights that you can use to tailor to  your preferred report enabling you to make data driven decisions with confidence. 

Forging Connections

Our exclusive BAI Executive Roundtables provide a forum to openly discuss the latest trends and issues, so you can address the critical challenges facing the industry today.

Digital Thought Leadership

Through original research, deep dives into important topics, webinars, and thought leadership from some of the brightest minds in financial services, we help you stay ahead of key issues.

Elevating the Community

We help leaders make smart business decisions, helping them in turn to better serve their customers and enabling their communities to thrive.

“We get up every morning to support this industry.”

“We want all our clients to be able to make smart business decisions in order to better serve their customers, and ultimately create stronger communities.”

Debbie Bianucci

President and CEO

Debbie Bianucci

Membership Helps You Do Even More

Our membership program unlocks access to exclusive research and products, to peer networking opportunities and advanced analytical tools, a BAI membership is an investment that will ensure your organization stays one step ahead.

BAI is for everyone. By joining the community of BAI members, together we can continue to evolve and strengthen our industry.