BAI Leadership Innovation Library

Taking an approach beyond general professional development training, the BAI Leadership Innovation Library is built specifically for financial services leaders to meet the growing demands of a changing industry. This new series of courses, whether part of your career pathing program or standalone, delivers practical information, in a step-by-step framework, on how to lead innovation initiatives, case studies to guide successful projects and clear goals for success.

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Engage, Retain and Grow Your Employees

  • Deliver the knowledge and skills so your employees can help transform your organization
  • Place innovation directly in the hands of your current and future leaders
  • Provide the tools necessary for employee career advancement and organizational transformation

BAI’s flexible, efficient and effective courseware enables you to develop customized learning plans based on the development needs of your employees. The engaging learner experience with the BAI Leadership Innovation Library allows for more convenient, self-directed and socialized learning opportunities. Most importantly, it gives your employees the tools they need to grow their careers as you grow your organization.

The BAI Leadership Innovation Library includes courses such as:

  • Leadership in Innovation
  • Building Internal Innovation Capabilities
  • How to Implement a High-Touch Coaching Program
  • How to Boost Digital Adoption for Your Financial Institution
  • Attracting and Retaining Millennial Consumers
  • Assessing Risks: Banking Marijuana-Related Businesses
  • Identifying Market Opportunities for Consumers Age 50 and Older
  • Assessing Your Institution’s Readiness to Pursue a New Technology Solution
  • And more.

Provide your leaders for today and tomorrow with the knowledge and skills they need to guide your organization forward.  Put innovation into the hands of all your employees with the BAI Leadership Innovation Library.

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