BAI Compliance Certificate Series

Assess and Reward Compliance Aptitude

Compliance Certificate Series

Are your team members current in their compliance knowledge? The BAI Compliance Certificate Series helps you find out.


5 Position-Specific Assessments

With five unique assessments targeting specific job roles, training administrators can discover individual strengths and identify development needs. Each assessment delivers scenario-based questions to determine how individuals would handle real-life situations.

Training administrators can award a certificate for successful completion when employees score 85% or higher — or assign additional training for any individual, in order to improve aptitude.

Using the Compliance Certificate Series in conjunction with BAI compliance courseware, your organization can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your compliance training program. As a result, your team will be better equipped to address compliance issues appropriately when concerns arise.

Assessments Based on Job Roles with Targeted, Scenario-based Questions

  • Branch Managers

  • Tellers

  • Operations

  • Personal Bankers

  • Mortgage Loan Officers

Here's how it works:

BAI simplifies the training and assessment process. To use the BAI Compliance Certificate Series:

  1. Your training administrator assigns appropriate, position-specific assessments.
  2. Employees respond to a series of scenario-based questions.
  3. Your training administrator reviews results via a downloadable data file or the BAI graphical heat map, in order to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Employees with scores of 85% or higher are rewarded with a BAI Certificate.
  5. Additional suggested courses can be assigned if you wish, to help close knowledge gaps.