BAI Compliance Training Solutions

From multinational banks to community-based institutions, from newly hired tellers to tenured vice presidents, the people who make up the financial services industry vary in roles, responsibilities, and compliance knowledge. At BAI, we believe training should meet their unique needs and ultimately drive smart business decisions.

With hundreds of high-impact courses serving more than 1,700 financial services organizations, BAI’s compliance training helps reduce risk and administrative burdens while maximizing compliance budgets, creating a more focused and efficient training experience for all. Explore course catalog >

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  • Banks

    The BAI Banking Series streamlines compliance training so your team members can learn, test, improve, and get back to work more quickly.

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  • Credit Unions

    The BAI Credit Union Series offers compliance courses developed specifically for credit unions and your unique business needs.

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  • Mortgage Lenders

    The BAI Mortgage Series has been designed by BAI compliance experts, including former examiners, to address your training needs as a lender.

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The BAI Nonbank Series provides comprehensive compliance training to help nonbank professionals navigate new regulations with clarity and confidence - all within the sophisticated BAI Learning Manager platform.

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BAI Courseware

Confidence and Clarity

BAI’s reimagined courseware features the latest learning design, such as role-based training, scenario-based questions, and a variety of interactive content. The role-specific curriculums help your learners reduce time spent on training by more than 30% -- providing just the training they need with greater efficiency.

BAI Banking Compliance

Strengthening the Industry

Virtually anyone working in the financial services industry can benefit from training through BAI courseware. That includes team members from:

  • Banks
  • Credit unions
  • Mortgage companies
  • Marketplace lending organizations
  • Payday lenders
  • Loan servicers
  • Auto finance companies
  • Solutions providers that serve the financial industry
  • …and more

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