BAI Role-Based Courseware

BAI’s role-based curriculums can help your learners reduce time spent on training by 30 percent—providing just the training they need with greater efficiency. The role-based courses are tailored toward specific job functions within financial services organizations and teach only the relevant information for that role.

Effective and Efficient Role-Based Courseware:


Curriculums dedicated to developing the whole employee.


Efficient regulatory exam training that doesn’t over- or under-prepare learners.


Training programs that can be quickly built for organizational needs.


Confidence in a training solution that helps employees thrive.

Give employees the training that’s right for them.

Choose courseware designed for an employee’s specific career path and organizational needs.

Roles include:

  • Executive Leadership and Board of Directors
  • Compliance Officer
  • Sales and Service Leaders
  • Branch Manager
  • Mortgage Loan Origination
  • Frontline Sales and Service
  • Commercial Banking
  • Contact Center
  • Mortgage Loan Servicing
  • Deposit Operations