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Control Versions, Assign to Users, Track Views

BAI understands the importance of providing job aides and relevant reference material, regulatory updates and learning tools that your employees can leverage to be more effective. This is why we have created a centralized location within the BAI Learning Manager that expands the documents and resources available to your learners beyond courseware.

BAI Documents and Resources contains more than 200 documents including key content such as topic overviews, checklists, red flags, whitepapers, job aids, and videos.

This feature provides users of the BAI Learning Management System with:

  • Quick References — Learners can search the catalog and add these important resources to their student dashboard for quick one-click access
  • Centralized Policy Repository — Store all your organizations policies and procedures in one centralized portal with the rest of your training
  • Real-Time Reporting — Training Administrators and Managers can assign and track usage to help identify which topics or resources have been viewed most, potentially highlighting trends within your organization
  • Additional Content — Access to a library of BAI maintained documents

Documents and Resources titles include:

  • “Completing a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR)”
  • “Collections Warning Signs and Solutions”
  • “Federal Records Retention Requirements”
  • “Fair Lending Considerations: Avoiding Discrimination”
  • “Elder Financial Abuse Red Flags”
  • “Cash Daily Balancing Checklist”
  • “IT Professional: Meeting AML Requirements through Data Analysis”
  • “Customer Identification Program Checklist”
  • “The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace”
  • “OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19”
  • “Completing a Currency Transaction Report (CTR)”
  • “Mortgage Origination Checklist”

Contact your BAI representative to learn more about BAI Documents and Resources.

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