System Requirements

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Here are the technology requirements for getting everything up and running.

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Item Supported
Recommended Version Notes
Required1 Software
Microsoft Edge Most Recent Most Recent For all sites listed in “connectivity” section:
– JavaScript must be enabled
– Pop-up blockers disabled
– At least 1024×768 screen resolution for best experience
Mozilla Firefox Most Recent Most Recent
Google Chrome Most Recent Most Recent
Site/DNS name Current IP Addresses2 Protocol (port) Notes
Required-Connectivity2 varies by time and location3 HTTP (TCP port 80)
HTTPS (TCP port 443)
Login screens and information pages varies by time and location3 Learning manager application site
Recommended-Connectivity2 varies by time and location3 HTTP (TCP port 80)
HTTPS (TCP port 443)
Courseware creation and editing application varies by time and location3 SMTP (TCP port 25) Site from which email notifications originate. Allow-list all email addresses, or individually allow-list these addresses:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]


  1. Other browsers and versions may or may not work with the BAI Learning Manager. We make every effort to ensure the site is as accessible as possible for everyone by utilizing web standards and testing new browser versions as they become available. However, we can only provide best-effort support for the Learning Manager using any browser or software version not listed above.
  2. Minimum downstream bandwidth 128 kbps for video playback. Average bandwidth usage is approximately 10 kbps per concurrent user.
  3. Sites listed in the connectivity section should be allow-listed by DNS name rather than IP address in all security appliances or security software. IP addresses will change as we add functionality, server capacity, or switch to backup providers in the event of a datacenter outage. Allow-listing the entire domain (* might be the most convenient approach for many organizations.
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