BAI Learning Manager

BAI Learning Manager

Facilitate Training with Ease

Facilitating compliance and professional training is easy when you have powerful tools. The BAI Learning Manager streamlines the oversight of your training programs with intuitive online resources.

What can you do with the BAI Learning Manager?

  • Assign BAI and organization-specific courses to individuals based on job function, hire date, and location
  • Track each team member's progress to ensure that online courses are being completed on time
  • Track offline training, including instructor-led classes, webinars, and policy & procedures acknowledgements
  • Create and review reports that can then be analyzed, delivered automatically, and easily exported for audits and federal examinations
  • Copy curricula from one year to the next, with one quick click
  • Engage managers by assigning team members so they can review training as well
  • Create automated reminders and other notifications so team members will remember to complete their training on time
  • Conduct training through Virtual Classroom, a web conferencing option
  • Leverage integration with your HRIS

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By streamlining training management, your resources are free to focus on core job functions, and your training investment saves valuable time in the long run.

Transform the Way your Organization Plans Training

Experience a better way to plan your annual training! BAI Training Insights is an innovative tool in the BAI Learning Manager designed to help you develop and document annual training plans more efficiently and effectively. Fostering stronger collaboration across your organization while enhancing productivity and audit readiness, BAI Training Insights gives you confidence that you are effectively managing your organizational risk with your annual training. Learn more>>

  • Banks

    The BAI Banking Series streamlines compliance training so your team members can learn, test, improve, and get back to work more quickly.

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  • Credit Unions

    The BAI Credit Union Series offers compliance courses developed specifically for credit unions and your unique business needs.

    Learn More
  • Mortgage Lenders

    The BAI Mortgage Series has been designed by BAI compliance experts, including former examiners, to address your training needs as a lender.

    Learn More
  • Nonbanks

    The BAI Nonbank Series provides comprehensive compliance training for professionals from marketplace lending organizations, payday lenders, auto finance companies and more.

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What Makes an Effective Learning Manager System?

Recently, we asked BAI customers what were the features of an efficient Learning Manager System. Here is what they said."

content-solution-500x300.pgAlready Have a Learning Manager?

You can still use BAI's courseware

We understand that you may have a learning management system (LMS) in place and are looking for courseware only, so we’ve created a solution to help meet your compliance and professional development training needs. The BAI Content Solution enables you to integrate the latest in role and subject based courseware with your LMS for an efficient and effective training solution. With the BAI Content Solution, you receive:

  • Hundreds of role and subject based courses designed specifically for banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and nonbanks.
  • The latest in highly interactive compliance and professional development training content.
  • Easy courseware integration into your LMS via Cloud or SCORM Zip files.
  • The flexibility to edit courses to reflect your organization’s brand, policies and procedures.

The BAI Content Solution can be delivered in a variety of formats for seamless integration with your preferred learning management system. The BAI Cloud utilizes a secure, web-based application to centrally host your content, allowing for automatic courseware integration into your organization’s LMS.

The BAI Content Solution - efficient, effective, seamless – built for you.

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