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Effective Compliance Training For Bank Employees

Your world is constantly evolving. Keeping up with changing financial regulations is challenging. Efficiency matters now more than ever — especially when it comes to training your employees.

At every level of your business, the BAI Banking Series streamlines compliance training so your team members can learn, test, improve, and get back to work more quickly. The result: you have the confidence you are reducing risk to your organization and providing your customers with even better service.

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More Than 2,100 Financial Services Organizations Rely On BAI For Their Compliance Training

Multiple federal and state regulatory agencies use BAI courseware to train their examiners. When your training is the same as theirs, your organization has an even better chance of meeting their standards.

The BAI Learning Manager, the latest in learning management technology, streamlines compliance training for training administration teams like yours with functionality to assign courses, track individual progress, analyze reports, and more. Better yet? The BAI LMS helps you perform these tasks faster and more accurately than ever.

In the financial services industry, it is not only important to encourage course completion, but also track and document the timing. Assignments need to be precise, in terms of job responsibilities and successful completions need to be clearly defined. Built for organizations like yours – the powerful BAI Learning Manager offers intuitive and easily accessible dashboard controls, playlist capabilities, online self-learning, due-date alerts, plus audit ready reporting. This one-stop training solution allows you to grow and adapt your training program while creating efficiencies for your training administrators, managers and learners. Learn more.

BAI’s LMS includes:

  • Career Pathing configuration software.
  • User profiles with badging.
  • Student Dashboards.
  • Student Course Favorites.
  • Manager Dashboards.
  • Custom Catalog management.
  • User-friendly catalog with advanced search, browse, and filter functionality.
  • Skills tracking.
  • Succession planning.

The BAI Banking Compliance Series contains an extensive library of courses that has been developed by former regulatory examiners, Certified Regulatory Compliance Managers, and Certified Risk Professionals, as well as other compliance experts. The BAI team continuously monitors regulatory agencies to ensure our content is updated at least 90 days prior to regulatory changes, giving you confidence your BAI courseware is relevant, precise, and timely to your learners.

It is important you set your employees on a clear path to obtaining the regulatory information they need most to perform their jobs. How do you minimize time spent training while ensuring every employee gets the training they need for their role?

BAI simplifies the ability to assign courses based on roles, knowledge gaps, and your bank’s specific needs. Instead of adapting your training to the BAI system, BAI adapts to your unique training requirements.

You can train your employees on more than 55 regulations, effectively and efficiently. Your employees will have the up-to-date information, and engaging, scenario-based training to help improve learning and on-the-job recall.

BAI Courseware is:

  • Relatable — Real-world scenarios provide context throughout our courses, making it easier for your learners to understand how the material is applicable to their day-to-day roles.
  • Current — Thanks to our industry experts, including former regulatory examiners, who provide their expertise to help maintain up-to-date business and regulatory information, you can have confidence your courseware is always relevant.
  • Flexible — Tailor BAI courseware, including course content and assessments, to incorporate information specific to your organization’s best practices.

With objective insights into every facet of the financial services industry, BAI is uniquely equipped to design the courses your teams need.

Save time and streamline administration and learning with:

  • Single sign-on and HRIS capabilities that automatically connects learners and seamlessly integrates your employee data, giving them easy access to their courses and minimizing the time spent by training administrators.
  • Ability for each learner to easily see where they left off and what’s due when — then launch their next course with a single click.
  • Automated notifications that help learners and managers know when new training is assigned, due dates are approaching and when training is overdue.
  • The intuitive interface and dashboard on the BAI Learning Manager provide quick visual summaries of learning, performance management capabilities and more.
As a BAI customer, you receive a variety of exclusive, complimentary resources for you to further strengthen your organization’s compliance and professional development training. You will have access to resources such as:

  • Suggested curricula based on regulation or role.
  • Webinars on the latest industry trends, issues, and best practices.
  • White papers written exclusively for BAI customers by industry experts.
  • Answers to your compliance questions through BAI’s Expert Opinion service.
  • Regulation summaries.
  • Regulatory links.

…and more.


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