BAI Training Insights

Experience a Better Way to Plan Training

BAI Training Insights, the innovative tool in the BAI Learning Manager, helps you develop and document training selections more efficiently and effectively. Fostering stronger collaboration across your organization, BAI Training Insights gives you confidence that you are managing your organizational risk with your annual training.


Enhance Your Training Management

  • Simplify yearly planning, courseware selection and decision documentation.
  • Identify appropriate, targeted training assignments to increase employee productivity.
  • Boost collaboration across departments while planning for an annual training.
  • Have confidence that you are ready for your next audit.

A New Way to Plan Training

  • Through comparative analytics based on the largest database of compliance training metrics in the industry, leaders are able to see and understand how their peers are managing their training programs to address particular risks.
  • BAI Training Insights integrates with the BAI Learning Manager so leaders can leverage existing learner data.
  • Leaders can build efficient, effective training based on comparative analytics and BAI’s extensive and flexible courseware.
  • Key decision makers can provide input into training plans and tailor them by role, risk and individual responsibility.
  • Leaders can use the collaborative mapping wizard tool to strategically determine which courses–and how many–should be assigned to which employees.
  • Decision reports keep your organization audit-ready by electronically documenting not only what was assigned, but why it was assigned.
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